About Apparition

Music unheard and rarely played, exhumed from the tombs around the world. will try our best to supply you with the new, the unique, and the nostalgic. Along with your favorite beats. sometimes even that rare spurt of humanity, that deviate from the gates of sanity into chaos. We's gonna dig them up really good and props thems up for displays!! Goth, Ambient, Ethereal, Darkwave, post-punk,Deathrock,Industrial. you want em we gonna gets them to you! The darker the better! Just come out have a drink,relax, or shake dem bones. :[) Note: genres are played based on dj sets and time.



Necromos has been running Apparition for the past 300 or so years. When the conquistadors banished him for performing human sacrifices, Necromos made a goth club in the basement of a Mayan temple with only himself and his multiple personalities in attendance. In recent years he has escaped to San Jose and is hellbent on sharing his madness with the world. When Necromos is not DJing the spookiest Goth, Deathrock and Darkwave music EVER MADE he's drinking 40 ounces with undead monkeys. He might also be bartering alcohol to small dwarven prostitutes for sexual favors.



Ash is the friendly music slave who will toil over the sound board while Necromos is busy picking up prostitutes. Often-times wearing a hat and carrying a camera, he insists that he is NOT an asian tourist who got separated from his tour in the South Bay. When nobody is around to hear it, he will spin old skool Post-Punk and the cheesiest Goth-Rock songs he can find (Vampires Cry!). When people are actually at the club he'll bust out the stompy, machine-fucking tracks that have been forever banished from Necromos' technophobic collection.



Mr Smith is the newest resident DJ of Club Apparition. He was lured into a windowless white van by offers of rare American Coldwave CDs after his set at Das Bunker where he was renditioned to San Jose. The elusive Mr Smith can often be seen behind an incandescent DJ stand powered by the souls of hapless party goers whom he captures with his prismatic Canon of DOOM. When he's not taking elevators down or spinning industrial at the DNA Lounge, he is booking shows, buying cupcakes, and bringing mustaches (at gunpoint) every third Thursday for the posh patrons of Club Apparition.