Ash's Unbirthday!

Thursday, December 15, 2011
ashs brithday2.JPG

Apparition is having a little get together.

Ash was first born in 1400s as a poopsmith who gradually worked his way up to aristocratic levels where he was bitten by a rabid vampire bat on his journeys around the world. hes a good guy, he likes to do good guy things. yeah....granted he goes after young maidens with is rock and roll hair playing a double axe in the middle of the night cruising on his dark rain cloud.

Also Caritas is doing a special night of Karaoke upon request. dont miss this very special apparition. you will be said, and a bunghole.. a sad bunghole...

there may be something friday but im unsure.

there will be some absinthe cake, with a little something on the side. ; [ )

Club Apparition
Deathrock, gothrock, industrial, darkwave, gothic swirl.

djs Ash

Guest dj/KJ

doors at 10pm (we are usually setup by then)

NO COVER (its free)

21+ (no kids)

Drink special before 11pm
3 dollar imported and domestic beer
4 dollar mixed drinks ( strong! )