Apparition a industrial/ aggrotek night. 9/27

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Here it comes, i get the night off. I need a drink in the cellar of lidos.... so dont bother me, let me wander off drunk into the night staggering around like a fiend. bumming cigarettes from some assholes, who in turn bum cigarettes from me. stalking my dwarf friend steven, talking to random hobos about the workings of life; eventually stumbling back into apparition. To hear the bartender call me names with a half smile, because we have that type of asshole relationship. its a industrial night because i get tired of having people ask me to play industrial. i dont have any... but these Ladies do.

Cyba nex

Obfuscate (resident monthly)

before 11pm
drink specials
3 dollar beer domestic and import
4 dollar mixed drinks

Come in, drink your drink. then piss off down the street. :D
(come with your friends, for your friends, or just come for the music, i dont care.)

p.s. Next week is a mixed danse night. all your favorites, plus more.